SparkSync collaborates with the best global trainers and consultants to deliver training events across Africa

SparkSync is a specialist advisory and consulting firm

Delivering training and benchmarking services to businesses in Africa. Our clients include corporations, governments and public sector agencies, and not-for-profit organisations.

We possess leading global insight

as well as local knowledge of Africa and the United Kingdom. Our focus is on the sustainable empowerment of individuals to ensure that best business practice is embedded in an organisation.

We train and empower leaders in Africa

Managers gain business skills tailored to their particular business, as well as leadership skills to nurture high-performance teams and make decisions that steer their businesses through rapid growth within and beyond Africa.

Empowering through training

SparkSync specialises in advisory and consulting services.

We work closely with our clients, helping them to improve their business practice through training and benchmarking.


We offer training in:

Business transformation

Leadership development

Capacity building and empowerment

Good business practice

As well as:

Global benchmarking and collaboration

Graduate development

Mentor and mentee training

Executive coaching

Team building


Duncan Mutembani

Sparksync’s CEO Duncan Mutembani has worked in complex and challenging environments in the UK and internationally.

Duncan was part of the officer training team at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. He completed nine years of service in the British Army during which he was awarded the Iraq and Afghanistan campaign medals. After he left the army, he worked at King’s College London, and he is currently contracted to the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), one of the world’s most influential cancer research organisations, where he supports procurement strategy delivery.

Having grown up in Uganda and worked extensively in the United Kingdom in various sectors, Duncan knows both countries well. He is passionate about leadership development and business transformation. He is a strong believer in developing others.

He is an expert at working with department heads and senior management to increase effectiveness and operational efficiency, and to improve business functions. He has an outstanding track record in improving systems, processes and policies, information flow, management reporting, and organisational planning to support the overall mission and goals.

Gill How

Sparksync’s Associate Director Gill How has over twenty years’ experience in leadership development, executive coaching and high performing team facilitation, both in the UK and abroad.

Gill adopts a strengths perspective and innovative approach to people development. She won a National Training Award in conjunction with client organisation, Southern Railway. Gill also coached the Bid Leadership at Arriva Trains UK where they moved from three franchise losses to two major wins.

The “Grow Your Leadership Edge” flagship programme which is gaining a track record in Uganda was designed by Gill. Participants find her training programmes challenging, collaborative and creative. She creates a learning environment where you can be at and deliver your best. She is tenaciously supportive of your growth as a leader which enables you to improve your business results.

Prior to running her own company Gill held a range of consultancy roles with Hewlett Packard, Rank Xerox and British Gas. She holds a BSc in Physics from Imperial College, London, an MBA from the Cranfield School of Management, and is qualified and accredited Executive Coach.


Sub-Saharan Africa will, over the next few decades attract the highest rates of foreign direct investment inflows per capita of any developing region. Many new businesses will start up and grow as a result of this investment.

As these businesses grow, they will need leaders who have the skills to create strategies that steer their companies through periods of high economic growth and global competition.


We identify the specific needs of a business and then design a training programme that takes into account a client’s requirements. Our pre-training work involves interviews and psychometric testing so that we can best assess what type of training is required.

We collaborate with the best global trainers and consultants to deliver training events across Africa. The training is delivered in person at the client’s business.

We collaborate with the best global trainers and consultants to deliver training events across Africa

This is a cost effective method for businesses to access training in their local environment. Our ability to harness technology means that our clients can learn anywhere anytime through webinar follow ups.