Growing as a Manager

Not only do managers need to manage confidently, they need to be able to grow into leaders. This course will enhance your performance at work and develop you for the next stage of your career.

You will come away with the skills and confidence to manage and motivate your team, deliver great outcomes for the organisation and create an energising strengths-based personal development plan.

Growing As A Manager

SparkSync offers a four-day management training programme which offers an intensive, interactive and participative experience, structured to maximise your learning and minimise your time away from work.

Why you should attend

Africa needs strong managers and leaders. With this programme, you will learn how to accelerate your management and leadership skills, in a local and global context. You will adopt a 21st century approach, focusing on your strengths and a positive change perspective. You will benefit from concrete engagement and insightful learning with experienced, recognised facilitators.

Participant Profile 

This programme is aimed at managers in African companies from any industry. If you are a manager in the private or public sector, newly appointed, wishing to build on your experience or undertake formal training for the first time, this investment is for you.

Programme Outline

Our four day course includes but is not limited to the following: 

Defining Your Requirements

  • Gain input to define your success as a manager, and to create measures of success which are true and genuine for you.
  • Learn how to choose which management style works best for you and your team
  • Clarify the management and emerging leadership responsibilities in your role
  • Draw out key learning about yourself as a manager.

Embracing Your Style

  • Learn about Emotional Intelligence to develop rapport with your team, key stakeholders and customers
  • Use Emotional Intelligence to build relationships which last and perform
  • Find out how to cascade company vision to your team in a way that everyone understands
  • Understand how to gain commitment a compelling vision that everyone wants to deliver.

 Engaging Your Team

  • Learn how to draw out both your own intrinsic motivation and that of your team
  • Clarify which of your strengths capitalise on in your management style
  • Become incisive about to manage people and enable your team to be at their best everyday.
  • Learn how to enable creativity, synergy and results from your team and direct reports.

 Motivation and Moving Forward

  • Master delegation, goal setting, feedback and measurement for use with your team
  • Understand how your unique management qualities can enable the performance you seek
  • Allow us to help you stretch and grow your development edge with feedback
  • Plan some inspiring and practical next steps you will share and for which you can ask to be held accountable.

How will you benefit: You will develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to:

  • Become a confident, versatile and adaptable manager and emerging leader
  • Cascade engaging organisational goals and direction
  • Develop emotional intelligence to enhance relationships and performance
  • Build motivated teams who are able to deliver great outcomes for the organisation
  • Create an energising, strengths-based and clear personal development plan

Feedback from the previous course: 

“The course was quite different; not a one-way lecture room style but a mode where we all communicate what we know and what works. It’s not just text book, but enables us to live within our management and leadership challenges and create answers that function and are real.”  Senior Manager

“My leadership skills are sharpened, I can draw out the emotions of my team, blend them with my own and deliver the objectives of the organisation.”  Director, Financial Services


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