Unlock Your Career Potential Using Your Strengths

So many organisations focus on trying to overcome our weaknesses, rather than getting us to play to our strengths. To be a positive and productive leader, you need to play to your best self.

This course teaches you how to identify and use your strengths to develop your career. It will energise you, bring you a new perspective and give you the confidence to achieve more for you and your organisation.

Unlock Your Career Potential Using Your Strengths

A new approach to energising your career success 

Workshop Introduction:

Are you tired of trying to develop your career by attending to your weaknesses? Are you drained by the list of things you think you have to fix before you can progress? Here is a different approach, the strengths approach, to unlocking your career potential. It takes less effort, is more enjoyable, will energise you, help you re-ignite your “can do” and confidence and accelerate the results you desire.

What you will learn:

  • What your own, key strengths are and how to use them in developing your career
  • How to create strategies which build on your strengths and downplay your weaknesses
  • How to create a personally motivating plan you can take to and proactively implement with your manager.

Who will benefit:

  • Those who are frustrated or feeling stuck in their career
  • Anyone who wants a new perspective and renewed confidence about their career
  • Those who are ambitious to achieve more and want fresh ideas on how.

Feedback from a recent workshop at TfL Women’s Network:

  • Excited to start thinking how I can be better at things I’m already good at, rather than dreading the “Oh how am I going to ever be better at X!”
  • I will focus more on my positive aspects (strengths) rather than negatives. I hope this shift in thinking will help me feel more self confident and focus my career development
  • In discussion with my manager I will now look at how development opportunities will draw out my strengths.

Gill’s biography & credentials:

Gill How has significant experience of working with a wide range of professionals to help them achieve the results they desire. She is passionate about leadership development and is an expert in positive change. Recent comments from a workshop at TfL Women’s Network:

  • Really good course/seminar, relaxing and welcoming. A lot packed but very worthwhile
  • Gill was very relatable and the information was presented in a friendly and engaging way in easily understandable chunks – lots to go away and think about!
  • Clearly a very positive person, and really thought provoking. Thank you Gill!
  • Gill was very engaging and made me aware of my traits and values. Thank you!


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