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SparkSync is holding a four-day programme in Kampala, Uganda in July 2017. The training will offer you an intensive, interactive and participative leadership development experience, structured to maximise your learning and minimise your time away from work.

Why you should attend

Africa needs strong leaders. With this programme, you will learn how to accelerate your leadership skills, in a local and global context. You will adopt a 21st century approach, focusing on your strengths and a positive change perspective. You will benefit from concrete engagement and insightful learning with experienced, recognised facilitators.

Participant Profile 

This programme is aimed at senior executives in African companies from any industry. If you are a CEO, CFO, business line head, senior member of a company’s executive team or director general of a government agency, this investment is for you.

How will you benefit: You will develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to:

  • Become an inspirational, versatile and adaptable leader
  • Create engaging organisational goals and direction
  • Develop emotional intelligence to enhance relationships and performance
  • Build motivated teams and organisations who are able to deliver great outcomes
  • Create an energising, strengths-based and clear personal development plan

Feedback from the previous course: 

“Since attending SparkSync training, I have developed key strategic collaborations and networks, effectively delegated tasks and actively sought opportunities for my staff development”Joyce Wanican, Executive Director AfriChild.

“I would recommend the course to anybody who is in a leadership position, this would enable them evaluate the way they are leading and enable them consider the important aspects of improving their leadership and more importantly the way they relate to their workmates” Ernest Rubondo, Executive Director Petroleum Authority of Uganda.

“The training has improved my knowledge as a leader and ways in which I can relate to other colleagues” Harold Byamugisha, Managing Director Aponye Uganda Ltd.

“I have learnt about theories of leadership and motivation that will help me in the new mandate I have recently taken on, built more on what I knew, especially the knowledge around emotional intelligence and now I can connect it better to job performance.”Dr Jane Nambakire Mulemwa, Board Chairperson Petroleum Authority of Uganda.

“Since I attended the SparkSync Leadership Programme, I have become a better team player and leader to my team as I listen more to my colleagues’ side of the story. This has benefited the department and the bank at large, since we are able to work better as a team and are therefore more productive.” Catherine Bulinda Jamwa, Chief Manager Treasury Centenary Bank Uganda.

“I have found out more about who I am, what else is already there that I can now gather within me, so that I can reach out and be the sort of leader I need to be.” Rhobert Korutaro, Board Chairman Joint Medical Stores.


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Your Program Leader

Gill How BSc, MBA  

Gill How is motivated to help you “Grow Your Leadership Edge”. Participants find that developing as a leader on her training programmes is challenging, collaborative and creative. She creates a learning environment in groups where as a participant you can both be at your best, and bring your best to your development. The quality of her engagement, her integrity, wit and sense of humour all help the step change in your learning. She is tenaciously supportive, pushing for excellence until you achieve the insights, understanding and outcomes you both need and want. Your growth as a leader will bring tangible, measurable shifts in business results. Whatever your circumstance, breaking new ground with your business, pursuit of an opportunity or operating in tough circumstances, growing your leadership edge with Gill is an invaluable and irreversible investment. She has over twenty years’ experience in leadership development, executive coaching and high performing team facilitation. She adopts a strengths perspective and innovative approach to change management. Gill won a National Training Award in conjunction with her client organisation, Southern Railway. Prior to running her own company she held a range of consultancy roles with Hewlett Packard, Rank Xerox and British Gas. Gill holds a BSc in Physics from Imperial College, London, an MBA from Cranfield School of Management, and is qualifiedand accredited Executive Coach.


Daily Programme:

Day 1 Defining Your Leadership Requirements

  • Gain input to define leadership success, and to create measures of success which are true and genuine for you.
  • Learn how to choose which leadership style works best for you and your team
  • Clarify how to balance leadership and management in your perfect role
  • Draw out key learning about yourself as a leader.

Day 2 Embracing Your Leadership Style

  • Apply Emotional Intelligence to develop rapport with your team, key stakeholders and customers
  • Use Emotional Intelligence to build relationships which last and perform
  • Find out how to create a compelling vision that everyone understands
  • Understand how to communicate a compelling vision that everyone wants to deliver.

Day 3 Engaging Your Team

  • Learn how to draw out both your own intrinsic motivation and that of your team
  • Clarify which of your strengths capitalise on in your leadership style
  • Become incisive about the specialist value your team bring to you
  • Learn how to enable creativity, synergy and results from your team.

Day 4 Motivation and Moving Forward

  • Master delegation, goal setting, feedback and measurement for use with your team
  • Understand how your unique leadership qualities can enable the performance you seek
  • Allow us to help you stretch and grow your leadership edge with feedback
  • Plan some inspiring and practical next steps you will share and for which you can ask to be held accountable.

Following the course

As well as high quality handouts, leadership materials and strengths tools, you will be supported in embedding your learning through a webinar one month following the training dates.

Contact Details

Edwin Bitamazire +256 772 603 084 or Nilly Noowe +256 772 439 745

Duncan Mutembani +44 7903941585

For more information, please contact