What we do

According to PWC.com, sub-Saharan Africa will, over the next few decades attract the highest rates of foreign direct investment inflows per capita of any developing region. Many new businesses will start up and grow as a result of this investment.

As these businesses grow, they will need leaders who have the skills to steer their companies through periods of high economic growth and global competition.

Good leadership determines the success of a business, and employees who are rapidly promoted to leadership positions because of a company’s fast growth often do not have the right skills. They need to be able to lead staff, develop strategy, and capitalise on opportunities that come their way.

Business leaders who enrol in our training programmes will learn how to widen their global outlook, improve their interpersonal skills, and create better internal processes. This will enable them to steer the organisation through periods of rapid growth.

How we do it

We identify the specific needs of a business and then design a training programme that takes into account a client’s requirements. Our pre-training work involves interviews and psychometric testing so that we can best assess what type of training is required.

We collaborate with the best global trainers and consultants to deliver training events across Africa. The training is delivered in person at the client’s business.

Once the training is complete, we conduct follow up sessions to ensure that the training has had the desired impact. We then conduct further, regular webinars to ensure the lessons learned in training are sustained over the long term.

We only work with the best and most qualified trainers in the United Kingdom, ensuring that clients are exposed to international best practice and that their employees are empowered to compete on a global stage.

This face-to-face training is a cost-effective method for businesses to access training in their own environments. In addition, our clients’ employees can learn anywhere, anytime through webinar follow ups.

Our training programme also involves coaching, mentoring and people development. We do this through a blended learning process involving personal interaction, webinars and video conferencing.