SparkSync courses

SparkSync Programmes and workshops


We use the UK’s best leadership development trainers and psychometric tools to ensure you receive training to a global standard.

Collaborations with training providers such as the internationally-renowned Mind Gym help us to plug any gaps and fulfil a wider training portfolio.

We also work with local associates in the countries we operate in to understand the specific opportunities and challenges that impact you.

We tailor all our training to meet your needs; determining which courses and trainers will give you the learning experience that’s right for you.


Management & Leadership Development


Effective leadership is crucial to an organisation’s success. But in today’s complex and fast-paced environment, senior managers are being tasked with delivering better performance against a backdrop of reduced timescales, less resource and greater risk.

Our portfolio of management and leadership development programmes will equip you with the tools, skills, knowledge and confidence to survive and thrive during both opportunity and challenge.