Presentation skills

Workshop objectives

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Structure and design effective presentations which will ensure you get your key message across
  • Communicate clearly using words, body language and vocal impact
  • Recognise the different learning styles that people have and ensure that you take these into consideration when presenting.

Course contents

  • Course requires pre work and involves video feedback on presentation skills
  • Planning
  • Hooks
  • Voice, pitch and tone
  • Body language
  • PowerPoint / Keynote and visual aids
  • Managing your audience


2 day course


Africa, Dubai and the UK

Intended for

Anyone who is required to deliver presentations


This two-day workshop will assist delegates in delivering effective presentations that will inspire the audience. The workshop will cover the structure and delivery of presentations and will give the delegates the opportunity to demonstrate their presentation delivery skills over the two days. Delegates are asked to deliver a presentation on the first day which is filmed and then to deliver the same improved presentation at the end of the course. Each delegate gets a DVD of their two presentations to take away with them.

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