Effective Team Building

An effective, focused team working towards shared goals is the key to a successful business. But with demanding workloads and deadlines, the team is often overlooked.

Our course which brings your whole team together will focus on the way you work cohesively as well as identifying shared skills and personalities. Using Bruce Tuckman’s theory of team development, it will help you work together as a group with shared goals through challenges and times of difficulty.


The understanding and implementation of what makes an effective team is essential to get the best from your team members. By completing this course, you will build an awareness of what a team is and how you manage the characteristics and individuals within that team.

Workshop objectives

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Identify, understand and develop the stages in team development
  • Implement effective team building strategies to improve your team’s performance
  • Identify the roles that are present within teams and what this means for you as a manager and for your team.

Course objectives

  • What is a team
  • Stages of team development (Tuckman)
  • Team roles
  • Working with other teams
  • Lessons from Geese


1 day course


Africa, Dubai and the UK

Intended for

Line managers / team leaders and anyone in a team building role

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